the forbidden fruit: tomato?

As reported three days later by NOW Lebanon, since June 9 a Facebook page belonging to the “Popular Egyptian Islamic Association” has been admonishing it readers to stop eating tomatoes:


Prohibition of eating tomatoes because it is Christian, glorifying the Cross and witnessing that God is three.

I implore you in the name of God to publish this, because there is a girl from Palestine who saw the Messenger [Mohamed] in a vision. He was crying and warned his nation against eating it.

And if you do not publish it, you must know that the devil has prevented you.

Farmers of the forbidden fruit frightened of fomenting a frenzied fury from among the five thousand Facebook friends found fortune in the follow-up. Jihad Watch reported shortly thereafter that the PEIA clarified later that tomatoes were not forbidden as much cutting them horizontally across the middle was to be avoided.

Just in case, you better send this around anyway.

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