Irish Priests mouth off to Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan’s report to the Holy Father on the seminaries of Ireland, supposed to be a secret document, has been slammed by the Archbishops of Ireland and lambasted by the Irish Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), the latter accusing him of homophobia. The Irish Times claims to have seen a copy of the confidential report.

The clerics and prelates of Erin are almost as histrionic as the lunatic comments at the bottom of each news story. God bless Cardinal Dolan. Had he ever imagined he would be accused of being a right-winger? That’s good craic.

H.E. Timothy Cardinal Dolan, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Father’s Day 2012

Maybe the best thing would be for the ACP (Angry Catholic Priests) to just keep talking. Their website claims to be “a voice for Irish Catholic priests at a time when that voice is largely silent” as though anyone has ever known an Irish priest to keep his opinions to himself, promotes “the primacy of the individual conscience” which is to say the prerogative of the uninhibited libido and calls for “a redesigning of Ministry in the Church, in order to incorporate the gifts, wisdom and expertise of the entire faith community, male and female” which is code for the ordination of women. And they want “dialogue”? Sounds like another cipher. Maybe it really is true that they have not fully expressed themselves?

Fathers, let me pour you again Guinness and you tell me what you really think.

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