Corpus Christi not just a town in Texas

The Body of Christ.

Not a corpse. Risen from the dead, the Body of Christ is inseparable from His Blood, His Soul and His Divinity. The Eucharist is the living Jesus.

Almost every country and every century has been witness to the expected wonders (or miracles) of the reality of the Eucharist:

The Eucharistic Miracles of the World

Catalogue of the Vatican International Exhibition

Relevant Articles about the Eucharistic Miracles

Foreword to The Eucharistic Miracles of the World
The (Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke, D.D., J.C.D.
Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Former Archbishop of Saint LouisPresentation – The Eucharistic Miracles: Limits and Positive Aspects
S.E. Rev. ma Mons Raffaello Martinelli
Official of the Catechetical Office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the FaithThe Real Presence
Reverend Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.Preface
Cardinal Angelo Comastri,
Vicar of the Pope for the State of Vatican City

The Eucharistic Miracles
Reverend Fr. Roberto Coggi, O.P.

Vatican International Exhibition

Relevant Articles about the Eucharistic Miracles

Miracles by Country


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Austria(PDF: 76k)Fiecht, 1310(PDF: 158k)Seefeld, 1384(PDF: 246k)Weiten-Raxendorf, 1411(PDF: 177k) Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Austria


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Belgium(PDF: 86k)Bois-Seigneur-Isaac, 1405(PDF: 170k)Bruges, 1203(PDF: 215k)Brussels, 1370(PDF: 199k)

Herentals, 1412(PDF: 172k)

Herkenrode-Hasselt, 1317(PDF: 192k)

Liège (Corpus Christi), 1374(PDF: 203k)

Middleburg-Lovanio, 1374(PDF: 175k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Belgium

Carribean Island of Martinique

Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of the Carribean Island of Martinique(PDF: 62k)Morne-Rouge, 1902(PDF: 174k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of the Carribean Island of Martinique


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Colombia(PDF: 139k)Tumaco, 1906(PDF: 163k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Colombia


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Croatia(PDF: 101k)Ludbreg, 1411 (part 1)(PDF: 165k)
Ludbreg, 1411 (part 2)(PDF: 283k)
Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Croatia


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Egypt(PDF: 97k)Jordan / Arabian Desert – St. Mary of Egypt, 6th Century(PDF: 195k)Scete, 3rd – 5th Century(PDF: 173k) Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Egypt


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of France(PDF: 89k)Avignon, 1433 (part 1)(PDF: 174k)
Avignon, 1433 (part 2)(PDF: 218k)Blanot, 1331(PDF: 168k)Bordeaux, 1822(PDF: 165k)

Dijon, 1430(PDF: 229k)

Douai, 1254(PDF: 160k)

Faverney, 1608(PDF: 179k)

La Rochelle, 1461
Neuvy Saint Sépulcre, 1257
(PDF: 157k)

Les Ulmes, 1668(PDF: 162k)

Marseille-En-Beauvais, 1533(PDF: 164k)

Paris, 1290 (part 1)(PDF: 177k)
Paris, 1290 (part 2)(PDF: 253k)

Pressac, 1643(PDF: 178k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of France


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Germany(PDF: 89k)Augsburg, 1194(PDF: 151k)Benningen, 1216(PDF: 173k)Bettbrunn, 1125(PDF: 157k)

Erding, 1417(PDF: 175k)

Kranenburg, District of Kleve, 1280(PDF: 157k)

Regensburg, 1255(PDF: 187k)

Walldürn, 1330(PDF: 218k)

Weingarten (part 1)(PDF: 189k)
Weingarten (part 2)(PDF: 236k)

Wilsnack, 1383(PDF: 216k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Germany


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of India(PDF: 80k)Chirattakonam, 2001(PDF: 148k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of India

Island of La Réunion

Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of the Island of La Réunion(PDF: 71k)Saint-André de la Réunion, 1902(PDF: 145k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of the Island of La Réunion


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Italy(PDF: 96k)Alatri, 1228(PDF: 165k)Assisi (Saint Clare), 1240(PDF: 183k)Asti, 1535(PDF: 182k)

Asti, 1718(PDF: 152k)

Bagno Di Romagna, 1412(PDF: 161k)

Bolsena, 1264 (part 1)(PDF: 165k)
Bolsena, 1264 (part 2)(PDF: 236k)

Canosio, 1630(PDF: 176k)

Cascia, 1330(PDF: 173k)

Cava Dei Tirreni, 1656(PDF: 229k)

Dronero, 1631
San Mauro La Bruca, 1969
(PDF: 178k)

Ferrara, 1171(PDF: 178k)

Florence, 1230-1595(PDF: 161k)

Gruaro (Valvasone), 1294(PDF: 168k)

Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 1)(PDF: 186k)
Lanciano, 750 A.D. (part 2)(PDF: 194k)

Macerata, 1356(PDF: 188k)

Mogoro, 1604(PDF: 170k)

Morrovalle, 1560(PDF: 164k)

Offida, 1273-1280(PDF: 164k)

Patierno (Naples), 1772(PDF: 169k)

Rimini, 1227(PDF: 170k)

Rome, 6th – 7th Centuries (part 1)(PDF: 218k)
Rome, 6th – 7th Centuries (part 2)(PDF: 221k)

Rome, 1610(PDF: 180k)

Rosano, 1948(PDF: 170k)

Saint Peter Damian, 11th Century
Scala, 1732
(PDF: 174k)

Siena, 1730(PDF: 152k)

Trani, 11th Century(PDF: 163k)

Turin, 1453 (part 1)(PDF: 179k)
Turin, 1453 (part 2)(PDF: 238k)

Turin, 1640(PDF: 177k)

Veroli, 1570(PDF: 160k)

Volterra, 1472(PDF: 184k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Italy


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of the Netherlands(PDF: 60k)Alkmaar, 1429(PDF: 204k)Amsterdam, 1345 (part 1)(PDF: 184k)
Amsterdam, 1345 (part 2)(PDF: 251k)Bergen, 1421(PDF: 187k)

Boxmeer, 1400(PDF: 211k)

Boxtel-Hoogstraten, 1380(PDF: 213k)

Breda-Niervaart, 1300(PDF: 211k)

Meerssen, 1222-1465(PDF: 193k)

Stiphout, 1342(PDF: 192k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of the Netherlands


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Perù(PDF: 60k)Eten, 1649(PDF: 182k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Perù


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Poland(PDF: 64k)Glotowo, 1290(PDF: 147k)Krakow, 1345(PDF: 170k)Poznan, 1399(PDF: 158k) Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Poland


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Portugal(PDF: 82k)Santarém, 1247 (part 1)(PDF: 167k)
Santarém, 1247 (part 2)(PDF: 209k)
Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Portugal


Map:   Eucharistic Miracles of Spain(PDF: 84k)Alboraya-Almácera, 1348 (part 1)(PDF: 145k)
Alboraya-Almácera, 1348 (part 2)(PDF: 206k)Alcalá, 1597(PDF: 148k)Alcoy, 1568(PDF: 167k)

Caravaca de la Cruz, 1231(PDF: 151kf)

Cimballa, 1370(PDF: 164k)

Daroca, 1239 (part 1)(PDF: 167k)
Daroca, 1239 (part 2)(PDF: 260k)

Gerona, 1297(PDF: 132k)

Gorkum-El Escorial, 1572(PDF: 182k)

Guadalupe, 1420(PDF: 180k)

Ivorra, 1010 (part 1)(PDF: 153k)
Ivorra, 1010 (part 2)(PDF: 154k)

Moncada, 1392(PDF: 172k)

Montserrat, 1657(PDF: 160k)

O’Cebreiro, 1300(PDF: 136k)

Onil, 1824 (part 1)(PDF: 181k)
Onil, 1824 (part 2)(PDF: 227k)

Ponferrada, 1533(PDF: 153k)

Saint John of the Abbesses, 1251(PDF: 173k)

Silla, 1907(PDF: 168k)

Valencia (part 1)(PDF: 153k)
Valencia (part 2)(PDF: 198k)

Zaragoza, 1427(PDF: 154k)

Map: Eucharistic Miracles of Spain


Map:   Eucharistic Miracle of Switzerland(PDF: 73k)Ettiswil, 1447(PDF: 151k) Map: Eucharistic Miracle of Switzerland

Saints, Mystics and the Eucharist

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque – Sacred Heart of Jesus, 17th Century(PDF: 129k)Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1224-1274(PDF: 166k)Saint Francis of Assisi, 13th Century(PDF: 173k)Saint Bernard of Chiaravalle, 12th Century
Saint John Bosco, 1848
(PDF: 114k)

Saint Germaine Cousin (Pibrac), 1589(PDF: 149k)

Saint Egidio(PDF: 146k)

Saint Stanislaus Kostka, 1550-1568(PDF: 164k)

Saint Faustina Kowalska, 20th Century(PDF: 121k)

Saint Satyrus, 4th Century(PDF: 134k)

Saint Catherine of Siena, 1347-1380(PDF: 175k)

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, 1904-1955(PDF: 139k)

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, 1774-1824(PDF: 161k)

Blessed Mary of the Passion, 1866-1912(PDF: 104k)

Blessed Nicholas Steno (in Danish – Niels Steensen), 1638-1686
St. Nicholas of Flue, 1417
Servant of God Anne-Louise Lateau, 1850
(PDF: 105k)

Servant of God Marthe Robin, 1902-1981(PDF: 129k)

André Frossard, 20th Century(PDF: 141k)

Teresa Neumann, 1898-1962(PDF: 131k)

Our Lady and the Eucharist

Calanda, Spain, Miguel-Juan Pellicer, 1640(PDF: 124k)Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 1)(PDF: 122k)
Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 2)(PDF: 161k)
Fatima, Portugal, The Angel of Peace, 1916 (part 3)(PDF: 160k)Guadalupe, Mexico, Juan Diego, 1531(PDF: 143k)Lourdes, France, Saint Bernadette, 1888(PDF: 148k)

Paris, France, Saint Catherine Labouré, 1830(PDF: 124k)

Miraculous Communions

Miraculous Communions (part 1)(PDF: 177k)

  • Blessed Emilia Bicchieri
  • Blessed Imelda Lambertini
  • Blessed James of Montieri
  • Blessed Thomas of Cori
  • Saint Bernard
  • Saint Bonaventure
  • Saint Gerard Magella
  • Saint Jerome
  • Saint Juliana Falconieri
  • Saint Lucia Filippini
  • Saint Maria Francesco of the Five Wounds
  • Saint Secondo

Miraculous Communions (part 2)(PDF: 153k)

  • Blessed Angela of Foligno
  • Saint Agnes Segni
  • Saint Clare Montefalco
  • Saint Frances of Rome
  • Saint Gregory the Great
  • Saint Teresa of Avila

Miracles Maps

Europe(PDF: 211k)Spain and France(PDF: 227k)
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