No Peace Outside Christianity, the true meaning of “Pax Christi”

from a speech today by the Holy Father:

VATICAN CITY, 2 DEC 2011 (VIS) – Today in the Vatican, the Holy Father received participants in the annual plenary session of the International Theological Commission, which has just completed its work under the direction of its president, Cardinal William Joseph Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
The Holy Father dedicated his remarks to three themes the Commission has been examining in recent years, turning first to consider the question of God and the understanding of monotheism. Benedict XVI recalled how “behind the Christian profession of faith in the one God lies the daily profession of faith of the People of Israel”. However, with the incarnation of Jesus Christ, “the monotheism of the one God came to be illuminated with a completely new light: the light of the Trinity, a mystery which also illuminates brotherhood among men”. For this reason theology “can help believers to become aware of and bear witness to the fact that Trinitarian monotheism shows us the true face of God, … and is the source of personal and universal peace“.
The Commission has also been studying the criteria whereby a particular form of theology may be considered as “Catholic”. On this subject the Pope explained that “the starting point for all Christian theology lies in personal acceptance of divine revelation, of the Word made flesh”, in “listening to the Word of God in Holy Scripture”. Nevertheless, the history of the Church shows that “recognition of this starting point is not enough to achieve the unity of the faith. The Bible is always necessarily read in a certain context, and the only context in which the believer can be in full communion with Christ is the Church and her living Tradition”.
Catholic theology, as it has always done over the course of its history, must continue to pay particular attention to the relationship between faith and reason. Today this is more important than ever, said Pope Benedict, “in order to avoid the violent consequences of a religiosity which opposes reason, and a reason which opposes religion”.

Read at Vatican Information Service the rest of the article here.

Watch here some footage of the discourse dubbed in English.

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